Selling a home without a realtor- Yes, it is possible

The first thing that comes to mind when we decide to sell our property is to find a real estate agent. Selling property through a realtor is a typical practice across the world. However, it comes with a cost since the real estate agents take around 4%-7% of the sale price as commission. So if you cut down the services of these middlemen you could walk with thousands of dollars more in your pocket. Therefore, selling homes to companies that buy a home for cash can be a great idea. For instance, if you live in Dayton and want to sell house quick Dayton OH then buy a home for cash companies can give good deals while eliminating any other additional cost for marketing your property.

Many homeowners may also decide to sell their property on their own but for that, they will have to know the real estate laws of that area, hire a home appraiser to evaluate the property, keep the property well maintained, conduct viewings and market it well. However, all this will not only involve additional cost but the homeowner will have to spend considerable time as well.  So for instance, if you want to sell house fast Dayton OH due to some financial burden or any other emergency then this approach may not work well.

Realtors Vs buy home for cash companies

Although realtors have been the best source for selling property since they are up to date with current trends and can also guide you in the whole process but at a cost. Moreover, selling a house through a real estate agent may take time so those who are looking to sell house quick Dayton OH may find this option not feasible. Another advantage that these buy a home for cash companies hold over realtors is that these companies can buy the house as-is. For example, you inherited a property which needs a lot of repairs and you don’t want to put in your money on that. In that case, to sell inherited house Dayton OH you can contact the buy home for cash companies who will quote the price basis their evaluation and you will not have to worry about any repair work.  

However, the catch is that you may get a price that is a little less than the market value of the property. But if you see the big picture, you get to sell house quick Dayton OH and also sell house as-is Dayton OH without any hassle of marketing, inspections, maintenance or broker fee you get cash for your property instantly.

The Verdict

So, before you take that big decision of selling your property just think over the following points –

  1. Does your property need repairs?
  2. Do you want to sell a house now?
  3. Is your home repair and maintenance list massive?
  4. Does a quick sale take the burden off your shoulders of dealing with this property?
  5. Is your property outdated according to the latest standards?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a yes then you may probably want to sell your home to one of the reputed buy home for cash companies who have the cash to close the sale immediately. As a result, what you get is a quick cash offer with no realtor fees. 

To summarize, selling a home without a realtor is definitely possible but it’s up to you which approach you want to take.

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