The 5 unusual ways to find takers for your property

Selling a property is not an easy task. No matter how amazing your property is but the fact is that with so much competition around, it gets imperative that your listing stands out so that you can find takers easily. For instance, if you live in Dayton and wish to sell house fast Dayton OH then definitely you need to find some creative ways to make your chances of selling the property better. Here, we have compiled 5 unusual ways to find takers for your property.

Here are some offbeat tactics to sell your property-

Allow a potential buyer to move into your property over the weekend

Conducting house viewing can get tiresome. However, if you feel that there is a genuine potential buyer who is showing interest in your property then you may allow them to stay at your property as a weekend getaway. While knowing the potential buyer makes this process much easier but even if you don’t and you see that there is a serious buyer who is waffling on his decision, it may just take an overnight stay to close the deal. This is one of the easiest and creative ways to sell house fast Dayton OH.  You can get in touch with your realtor who can facilitate the buyer’s stay at your property. Also, make sure that you highlight the feature of your house and the amenities around.

Do live streaming of your property 

Turn on the camera and let people peek into your property. This can help them in imagining how it would be to live there. Live streaming is a convenient way with which prospective buyers can see the inside view of your property even without visiting personally. So if you want to sell house fast Dayton OH then this is a great way to showcase the property. You can use tools such as Facebook live, Periscope, YouTube and other channels for the purpose.

Offer a reward on Facebook to those who share your listing

Information on social media can be shared much faster but the idea is to use this to your advantage. You can post your property listing on Facebook and let your contacts know that you are offering a reward for any ‘share’ that will result in the sale of your property. For instance, to sell house quick Dayton OH you can offer a simple reward like a Visa gift card or a small cash reward to garner interest from people. However, you will have to change the privacy settings of your Facebook account to ‘public’ so that everyone will be able to see your post. Additionally, you can ask all your friends and family to share your post on their respective networks. 

Add on a freebie 

Throwing in a freebie with your property is a unique way to sell. For instance, if you are moving to another city and want to dispose-off your car as well then you can bundle it with your property for sale. Additionally, you can also think of any other item which could sweeten the deal like a treadmill or patio furniture etc. This tactic will certainly lure more people and you will be able to sell house fast Dayton OH.

Have an open house 

If you have a period property that you have inherited or even a modern apartment you can increase the interest in your property by hosting a theme-based open house, for example- period costumes. You can invite attendees to attend a 70s era cocktail party or to have tea in your garden. The idea is to attract more takers for your property.

So, when the conventional practices aren’t giving you the result then go ahead and explore these creative ways of selling your property.

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