Avoid these staging mistakes when selling your home

Selling your home can sometimes turn into a long-drawn affair that can get financially and emotionally draining. While you take care of the basic requirements such as depersonalizing, decluttering, and deep cleaning, you will still need to make staging a priority. If you wish to sell your property fast and without hassle, you have to focus on certain aspects and avoid a few staging mistakes.

Here are a few pitfalls to avoid so that you can have buyers vying to make your home sweet home their own.

Keeping too much furniture

Take care of the number of furniture that you keep in each room of your house when potential buyers come to see it. If you place too many pieces of furniture so that they barely fit, buyers may find it difficult to imagine how they are going to set it up themselves with their own furniture. It may also give a cramped feel to your property that will make buyers worry about how to fit in their things.

Not taking care of household odors

It is natural to get immune to the intrinsic smells of your home whether it is your pets or other kitchen smells. This is an aspect that you often fail to take care of when staging your home for potential buyers. However, it is a common mistake as these unpleasant or unusual smells are immediately picked up by newcomers. Thus, you must address the issue before you put your home on the market.

Keeping furniture that does not fit in the room

As homeowners you may often keep furniture that is too large for the intended space. These may be items of personal comfort or value but ones that do not fit the space well. However, when staging your house for sale, this may give a cluttered appearance to your home and thus should be put away. Keep the furniture that best suits the size of your house when you are staging it for buyers.

Personalizing your home

Keeping certain knick-knacks on display that are personal to you and your family is not a very good idea when staging your home for potential buyers. Buyers should be able to focus on the best features of your home and imagine how they can work it according to their tastes and interests. Keeping the things that are personal to you on display may hinder them from being able to do so. Hence, put away your knick-knacks before you open your house to buyers.

Using very dark paint or drastically different paint colors throughout the house

Although dark paint colors can work on certain walls or rooms, they should not be used in excess. Dark colors can make your rooms look smaller, unwelcoming, and more cramped. Light and neutral colors work best as they give an airy and inviting vibe to the space. Moreover, try to keep the color scheme consistent throughout your house when you are painting it. The overall flow of the house suffers when you paint each room in a vibrantly different color.

However, if you do not wish to go through the hassle of staging your home you can contact our team and we can buy your house as is in an all cash deal. We buy houses in Dayton and surrounding areas in any situation and any condition.

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