Can I sell my house that has water damage?

Water damages in houses are not uncommon and can lead to exorbitant repairs which, if left unaddressed, can snowball into bigger issues that can even pose health hazards. Water damage can happen by leaking pipes, flooding, or even groundwater. In case you have been planning to sell your house but are wondering how to go about it with all the stained walls and black molds caused due to a wet basement, here is what you can do.

How to sell your house with water damage?

You can sell to a real estate investor

Several real estate investors look for houses that can be bought at a slightly rate because of reasons such as water damage or other difficult circumstances between the homeowners that makes them want to sell fast. They then carry out basic repair work and then resell the property for a small profit. So if you are facing problems of water damage in your home and wish to sell it quickly without having to invest in the time or the money required for it, you can look for such companies.

Find the right home buyer or company that has the necessary tools to help them make the right offer in accordance with the market trends. You should not let companies make a low offer and take advantage of your stressed situation. Accept an offer only when you are comfortable with the terms of purchase put forward and their market reputation.

You can sell to a real estate agent

Real estate agents usually have a client pool and can tell you about potential buyers who are looking for houses with minor damages that can be procured at a slightly lesser cost. You can get in touch with real estate agents who in turn can facilitate negotiations between the buyers and you and get you a good deal.

It is important that you select the right realtor who will get you the maximum amount of money for your home. They should understand the housing market in your area and should know whether you wish to sell your house quickly or whether you are not in a hurry, and act accordingly.

You can sell the house yourself

If you wish to sell your house yourself, you set the asking price after taking into consideration the extent of water damage to the property. This way you can cut out realtor commissions and stand a chance of a better deal. However, you will have to do some research work in this case about your local real estate market and also gain a deeper knowledge about all necessary details to set the correct price.

When you try to sell your house yourself, you also have to take care of certain legal aspects informing the potential buyer about all present and past repairs especially the ones that cannot be detected. You should also know how to convince the buyer that the price you are asking meets the condition of the house.

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