Selling your house? Common mistakes that homeowners should avoid when selling their home

When you make up your mind to sell your property, you will find that it is not the easiest process and requires a good investment of your time and effort. It can also get emotionally draining and challenging at times especially when you have potential buyers encroaching on your space and privacy again and again. Not only will they question your ability to decorate or set up your property but also offer you less money than you expect. Selling a house is a complex transaction and requires some amount of experience and expertise. This is why as a first-time seller, you may end up making a certain mistakes when putting your home up on the market for sale.

Some common mistakes homeowners make when selling their home

Choosing the wrong real estate agent

An ideal real estate agent will make all the efforts to help you glean the maximum profits from your home deal. However, if you pick the wrong agent, they may also make you end up losing thousands of dollars. Since this is a big investment that also involves your most loved ones, you should not feel obliged to pick any friend or family member as your real estate agent. Research thoroughly about the background and track record before you select an agent.

Not fixing up your home properly before putting it up on the market

Sometimes, certain small steps go a long way in getting you the best deals on your home. Small repairs or changes like getting a new water heater, changing the broken washroom tiles, or replacing a window pane can help alter the overall impression that your home gives. If you invest in the time and effort to fix the problems in your home properly such as replacing old hardware and upgrading fixtures, you can easily quote a higher price for it.

Not staging your home appropriately

When you decide to have potential buyers in your home, you must stage it properly. Sometimes, homeowners do not make the effort to declutter it, set it up properly, or take out personal effects from it. If you keep too many personalized things such as photo frames on the walls, toys and other trinkets around, it will make it difficult for the buyer to imagine the space as per their own tastes and likings.

Not knowing the actual value of your property

Sometimes, you might simply have to trust your real estate agent to decide on the valuation of your property. You can also research about more recent sales in the area and get an idea about the value or consider getting a second or third opinion from other realtors and agents. You also have to take into account all the renovations and maintenance works that you have done over the years before deciding on a final amount.

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