Tired of being a landlord? Sell your house with us

Owning a rental property might have seemed like a sound investment some time ago, however, you may find that the responsibilities behind maintaining it are quite burdensome. Owning any property entails a plethora of regular maintenance work apart from dealing with the day-to-day complications that arise from keeping tenants. These may tire you out, make you feel all the efforts are not worth it, and you may no longer want to stay a landlord.

Some reasons behind you getting tired of becoming a landlord

You may suddenly realize that the investment is not worth it

When you invest in a property, it goes without saying that as an owner, you will have to put in adequate effort for its regular maintenance. Over and above these, there may be certain unforeseen circumstances that can arise such as a fire, leakage, or a defective appliance that can considerably bring down the profit on the investment, not to mention the time and effort it requires.

You do not live very close to the property you have invested in

If you live somewhere far away from your property, it becomes even more difficult for you to manage your rental property adequately. In case of an emergency or the occurrence of an unforeseen circumstance that requires the immediate presence of the landlord, you may not be able to respond in person. Moreover, you may take significant time to reach the spot and lose precious moments in the process leading to increased stress.

You are not happy with the property management service that you have appointed

Several landlords prefer to entrust certain property management services with the task of maintenance and dealing with tenants. However, while this is done to save them the burdens of dealing with the day- to-day affairs of the rental property, it may end up giving rise to more conflicts. It may only lead to inflated costs, cuts in profits, and more burdens because the property management company may not be as selective when it comes to picking tenants as you would have liked them to be. This will lead to further frustrations on your part.

If you are not earning a steady income from your rental property

When you invest in a rental property you do so with the hope of creating a steady source of income or cash flow for yourself. However, if you do not get that amount every month, your entire planning falls apart. Several unexpected and unforeseen expenses that you may be faced with each month. When you start dealing with these, your profits estimation each month is not met leading to an uncertainty in the investment. This may make you give up as a landlord and sell your property instead.

How we can help?

When you are tired of being a landlord for any reason whatsoever you can sell your house as is for cash to us without going through the hassle of any repairs or staging of property.

We buy houses Dayton Ohio in any condition and we don’t charge any fees or commission. We have been buying houses in Dayton for many years and we assure you that we will do our best to help you. You can get a no-obligation cash offer from us within 24 hours, and if you are happy with the offer, we move forward and close the deal when it is convenient for you.

Whatever reason you have for selling your house, we can help. Contact us today!

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