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If you want to sell your house as is, it may be slightly tricky especially if your house has structural problems. This affects not only the value of your home but also cuts down on the pool of buyers to a large extent and makes lenders wary about investing in such a sale. However, there is no reason to lose sleep over this. So stop getting frustrated about an unwanted property and get ready to sell your house as-is for cash, because we can help you with a fair offer.

If you are stuck with a house with structural problems and even your agent is unable to find you a buyer, we can help in more ways than one.

  • We buy houses Dayton in its extant condition without the need for a clean-up job or repair works on the property
  • You do not need to go hunting for a reliable estate agent who you can trust to keep their promise of helping you sell your house with structural defects quickly
  • There is no need for you to sign a binding contract that ties you to an agent for a fixed amount of time
  • You do not need to deal with mountainous paperwork and then wait and wonder if your property will fetch you a good deal

What do you understand by a structural problem?

There can be various reasons behind structural problems in a house such as the use of inferior quality building materials, flawed designs, age, or even poor workmanship. In case you cannot ascertain whether you do have a structural problem in your house, there are various signs that you need to look out for.

These could be termites, leaks or caved-in roofs, cracks or gaps in the walls or ceiling, dampness or undulation in the floors, rot in timbers, concrete crumbling, and much more. Certain structural problems also have a rippling effect and lead to other subsequent problems. Besides, they tend to get worse over time making it more and more difficult to sell a house fast.

What makes houses with structural problems difficult to sell?

Any property buyer can get jittery with the prospect of picking a house that is compromised which can later lead to health and safety issues. It could also mean additional costs on repair and restoration work for the buyer. Most buyers go for a home survey by a professional before they invest in the property. In case a structural problem is identified during such a survey, it may mean an expensive proposition to put in money in such a house as fixing even minor issues can be financially draining.

How can I sell my house fast even with structural problems?

If you have a structural problem and thinking about how to ‘sell my house fast Dayton OH’, the best way forward would be to identify the problem areas and find out the quotes to repair them before looking for buyers. Inform prospective buyers about these details upfront before going ahead with the deal.

You can also decide to fix the problems before selling or simply choose to contact us as we buy houses Dayton Ohio in as is condition.

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