Save your time and money, and sell your house fast

If you have decided to sell your house, you may be wondering how to do it fast so that you can save both your time and money. There may be several reasons behind this, be it relocating for a new job or simply wanting a change of scenery. Whatever your reasons may be, you would want to close the deal quickly, at a good price and without hassle. So if you are wondering how to ‘sell my house fast Dayton’, here is what you should be doing.

Ensure you hire the right real estate agent

If you have been thinking about how to sell my house fast Dayton OH, your first step towards this would be to find the right real estate agent. They are the best people to know about the local market scenario and sales records. Moreover, a good agent will take care of all aspects of the sale process including hiring a photographer to click the best photos of your home, market the property, schedule and conduct showings, as well as negotiate the best price for your property.

Set a competitive price to sell

When you are out looking to sell house quick Dayton OH, it is imperative that you set the right price on it. If you end up pricing it too high, you will only repel prospective buyers. Besides, it will only prolong the negotiation process as prospective buyers will want to bring the price down. You should do some research and comparative study about the realistic prices of homes in your area.

Depersonalize and declutter your home

Before you put up your home for showings and have prospective buyers visit to see it, you should have it properly cleaned and decluttered. Buyers should be able to picture themselves in the space when they actually move in and if you have too many personal items here, they may not be able to do so. You may consider hiring external cleaners for de-cluttering your home or can make little changes such as rearranging your furniture that can go a long way in selling your home quickly.

Take care of smaller details and repairs

You may not find the time to conduct any major repairs, so you should concentrate on the smaller aspects and address quick repairs which, if left undone could repel potential buyers. Some areas that could do with quick and easy fixes include-

  • Loose tiles in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Stuck drawer tracks
  • Loose hinges on cabinets or doors
  • Plumbing systems and leaky faucets
  • Carpet stains of scratched hardwood floors

Besides above, you have an option to sell your house to cash buying companies. They buy houses in as is condition and you can save both your time and money as you need not go through the hassle of getting any repairs or dealing with various real estate agents, and multiple showings. Cash buying companies pay cash for homes that makes the entire process easy and quick.

So if you are looking to sell house fast Dayton just give us a call at 937-598-2274 or fill out our form and we will contact you.

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